Developed entirely in-house, DRUID is designed to allow the secure distribution of large volumes of data to users worldwide. It is now being used by leading utility, engineering and maintenance organisations all over the world for the delivery of mission-critical information.

DRUID has been developed to provide an advanced but affordable solution for the delivery of a wide range of publications. Genuine cost savings can be achieved by implementing DRUID, along with real improvements in speed and retrieval and distribution to remote users.

Using the DRUID high performance search engine, data can be retrieved in seconds, reducing the time and frustration trying to locate specific information. DRUID ensures the delivery of mission critical information to end-users with minimised risk, investment and on-going cost.

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Key Features: Easy to use Windows based system, Fast Searching, Hypertext Linking, Graphical Hotspots, Simple Navigation, Online Parts Ordering, Work Card & Maintenance Chart Generator.

DRUID Publications: Operation & Maintenance Manuals, Repair/Overhaul Manuals, Illustrated Parts Catalogues, Health & Safety Notices, Product Service Information, Specification Data.

Who is using DRUID? We have several clients that are currently using the advanced features of DRUID to deploy technical documentation, operational and maintenance data including: SIEMENS, UGL Limited (Thailand).

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