Our technical publications expertise in the rail industry

DT Publications has supplied the rail industry with technical publications support services for over 30 years.

The rail industry per se has no independent documentation standard for maintenance or overhaul publications although a number of Rosco’s and Operators have developed bespoke solutions. DT Publications have continued to work with companies such as (but not limited to) Siemens Plc, LNER, Bombardier, Wabtec Faiveley UK, Porterbrook Leasing and Angel Trains to identify the most efficient way of producing documentation which is critical to the operational maintainability of rolling stock in the UK.

Technical documentations we produce

➤ PQ’S
➤ TI’S
➤ SB’S
➤ Star Charts
➤ Bespoke Manuals

Documents hosting and sharing

Druid.NET™ and Druid.NET™ Lite  have been developed for markets such as the rail industry for a safe, fast and easy access to data.

Druid.NET™ is a web browser based system that allows rail companies to maintain the rolling stock documentation, reducing down time and improving train service and reliability. Engineering team can update information in real time and data can be accessed 24/7, simply by logging into a secure account.

The lite version of Druid.NET™ enables the user to easily share and instantly synchronise files with the cloud server across multiple devices.

Data conversion

We can provide tools to convert data from all types of format from conventional Word and other desktop applications to the more structured HTML, SGML and XML. In using these tools the data transfer into Druid.NET™ is a seamless process.

 Interested in our document management system? For more information, please visit our Druid.NET™ and Druid.NET™ Lite pages.