Software & Website Development

Our team of highly skilled developers uses the latest technologies to create intuitive, agile, innovative and easy to use software and website solutions to satisfy your requirements.

Software solutions

DT Publications’ software development services include (but are not limited to):

  • Cloud Solutions: Experts in the latest technologies, we develop powerful bespoke software solutions. Our software developments make customer ideas a reality, meeting with specific needs and enabling them to realise their potential.
  • Mobile Apps: First-rate at building powerful, feature rich, custom apps accessible from any device. Designed for your customers and in-line with your digital strategy, we create apps that enable even closer interaction.
  • eCommerce Solutions: Highly skilled in creating seamless and highly engaging eCommerce sites which drive revenue growth. We ensure that sites are intuitive and easy to use, to maximise your sales opportunities.
  • Desktop Solutions:Extremely proficient in building feature rich, native applications for customers with specific desktop requirements. Often we enhance accessibility with multi-device synchronisation.
  • Legacy Solutions:Vastly experienced in taking existing customer systems to the next level; we convert legacy solutions to meet with current and evolving needs. This can involve a complete re-write.
  • Support & Hosting: Comprehensive range of customer support services provided, including: training, support, and customer care. We also offer secure hosting services based here in the UK.

Website development

  • Build: Our technical experts will build your site utilising best practice and ensuring that it is focused around your goals.
  • CMS: We work with all Content Management Systems including WordPress and Umbraco, as well as our own Celsus framework.
  • Design: Our graphic design guru’s will add some design magic to make your site look amazing, and ensure that it is on brand.
  • Responsive: Your users need to be able to access your website from ALL devices and we will make sure it is responsive. Not only that but we’ll ensure it looks great on any device.
  • SEO & Analytics: We understand the importance of SEO and analytics, and we will develop the site to help you increase traffic, achieve multiple page and repeat visits.
  • Support & Hosting: We provide a comprehensive range of support services including training, support, and customer care. We also offer securing hosting services based here in the UK.

We will guide you through the stages for designing your website from your key messages and calls to action, to navigation including the User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX). We will also help you to get to grips with the back-end user interface, to enable you to edit the site simply and effectively.

Our developers are proficient with Microsoft Azure, .NET, Java, PHP and HTML5 programming, can design databases using SQL Server and websites using WordPress, Umbraco and more.

Interested in our Software & Website Development Services? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will happily assist you with any questions and enquiries you may have by phone [ 01332 291287 ] or per email [].