Technical Translation

Whatever the size of your technical translation requirement, our translators are experienced in delivering fluent, natural and accurate translations.

Why choose our technical translation services?

At DT Publications, we believe that it is important to have one point-of-contact who will take responsibility for all aspects of your project. Your translation will be overseen by an experienced project manager from start to finish. We will be with you every step of the way to answer any queries and ensure the smooth running of the project. By listening to your requirements and working closely with you, we can deliver a prompt, efficient and cost-effective service.

We know from experience that the role of the project manager is particularly important if your document is being translated into several languages. Our close co-ordination of the team of translators guarantees consistency and timely delivery.

All of our technical translators are experienced, highly qualified linguists with professionally recognised qualifications. They always translate into their own mother tongue, ensuring a completely fluent, accurate and natural translation. Furthermore, our translators only work in subject areas in which they are qualified and competent.

We utilise the latest Trados “memory software” to ensure accurate translation at a competitive price. Improving terminology, speed of translation and ensuring the management of localised dialects.

Once the translation has been completed, we will carefully proofread your document for accuracy and completeness. This additional check assures the quality of our technical translations. We will apply the same careful and rigorous approach whether the job is one page or thousands of pages!

Translation services we provide

➤ Technical & Commercial Translation
➤ Software & Website Localisation
➤ Interpreting
➤ Terminology Management
➤ Voice-overs
➤ Foreign Language Desktop Publishing
➤ Full Range of Typefaces
➤ Multi-byte Character (double byte and single byte)

Translation languages supported

We offer technical translation to and from the following languages:

Countries flags
Arabic • Bulgarian • Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) • Czech • Danish • Dutch • Estonian • Finnish • French (for France & Canada) • German • Greek • Hungarian • Icelandic • Italian • Japanese • Latvian • Lithuanian • Norwegian • Polish • Portuguese (European & Brazilian) • Punjabi • Romanian • Russian • Slovak • Slovenian • Spanish (European & Latin American) • Swedish • Turkish • Ukrainian • Urdu • Welsh

Interested in our technical translation services? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will happily assist you with any questions and enquiries you may have by phone [01332 291287] or per email [].